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I live for Tea,

because it's what winners drink.

Dylan Lockhart
9 June 1992
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Call me Dylan (Nana is only for friends, peasant) and, even with that odd nickname, I'm a girl. 22 and student, tea drinker and writer. Yes, I have the same syndrom than George R. R. Martin, I'm slow but I need to love what I write. We can't all post fics full of sex every five days, right?
Since I'm french, I mostly write in my mother language. When I'm not lazy, I translate all by myself though I sometimes need help and correction. But this LJ is not only about novels and fanfics, I can post fanmixes or icons. This LJ is NOT friends-only. I don't need friends, I prefer free feedback.
What are my fandoms? If you wonder if you might like my LJ, it's better to know what I love: Books and Authors (Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, Poppy Z. Brite, victorian English or Russian litterature, Stephen King),
Tv shows and Movies (Sherlock Holmes Granada, Sherlock BBC, Dexter, American Horror Story, The Hobbit, Black Swan),
and Video games (The Silent Hill Saga, The Elder Scrolls Saga, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, The Banner Saga).
My tags are classed so you won't be confused I guess.
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